A year passed since the introduction of the Regulatory Impact Assessment in Bulgarian legislative process. In relation to this, we prepared a Report with the results from the monitoring on the implementation of the mandatory impact assessment in Bulgaria in its first year.The monitoring was carried out by a team of the Center for the Regulatory Impact Assessment and covers all normative acts that are subject to impact assessment, with an emphasis on drafts of laws, prepared in the period 04.11.2016 – 31.10.2017, regardless of the subject with a right of legislative initiative under the Constitution – Council of Ministers or individual Member of the Parliament, that prepared and submitted them. The results show that the total number of bills drafted within the year by the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly is about 365, which figuratively means an impact assessment a day. This gives us the confidence to claim that the regulatory reform in Bulgaria, which main driver is the mandatory impact assessment, has begun its course and is actually happening.

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